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Experience an adventure in the Stand Up Boards in the Algarve and get to know a new perspective of the region with Blue Xperiences. In our Frequently Asked Questions section, find the conditions of our services to book an experience. However, if there is any doubt about our products and services, please contact us through our Contacts page. Do not leave anything undiscovered!

Is it necessary to pay a reservation signal?

Is it possible to photograph or film the experiences?

Blue Xperiences requests the payment of a reservation signal as a way to guarantee the experience on the desired day and all the conditions for its accomplishment.

You can use your camera or mobile phone in mini format to record the experience, but our instructor offers free photos and videos of the adventure.

Under what circumstances are activities canceled?

What equipment is included and what should I bring?

Depending on the location of the experience, they are canceled in case of winds exceeding 11 knots (20km / h), strong swell or storms (can also affect walking).

The Sup experiences include surfboard, paddle, lifejacket, guide and insurance. Should bring sunscreen, swimming gear, towel, hat and a snack.

Is the reservation amount refunded in case of bad weather?

What is the meeting point and advance notice of the check-in?

We suggest changing the date / time of the activity or new location in the Funcho Dam, with transportation included. Without other alternatives, the amount paid will be returned in full.

The meeting point for the experiences and depending on the activity, is in the store of Blue Xperiences or the beach next to the fort. Check-in must be done 20 minutes before departure.

Blue Xperiences experiences include transportation?

Do experiences include suit and lifejacket?

If you need transportation to carry out some activity you must request in advance, at an additional cost and depending on the place of collection.

For the aquatic experiences the use of fact is optional if requested and the use of lifejackets is mandatory under the legislation for this type of activities.

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