Why Should You Practice Stand Up Paddle

The stand up paddle is a  sport derived surf, wherein stands on a board, in water, using a paddle to move. It is extremely easy and safe and is also a great way to exercise the whole body, stimulating balance and muscle development. It is still a super fun activity to do in group and get to know nature.

Know the advantages of Sup

in the Algarve

Advantages of Stand Up Paddle

A fun and very complete sport

The Sup is a very easy to learn sport, suitable for all ages, both for men and women. It can be practiced in lakes, rivers or in the sea and is a great way to join family or friends on a trip to discover the corners of the Algarve coast. So, add useful to pleasant: enjoy moments of fun while doing physical exercise beneficial to health.

Improves balance

The practice of Sup requires you to stand on a board, so it is great for training the balance.

Tones the muscles

Exercise that works the whole body, legs and trunk to maintain balance and arms and shoulders while paddling.

Regulates weight

It can burn up to 400 calories in just 1h, being an excellent workout for those who want to lose weight.

Enviroment friend

It is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transport, as it does not pollute the waters of the sea or the river.

Relieves joint pain

Sport without violent impacts that reduces inflammations in the ligaments, tendons and joints.

Improves cardiovascular system

It has a cardio component that stimulates the cardiovascular system and improves heart health.

Promote contact

with nature

The Sup allows you to reach places difficult to access by boat and thus explore the nature without limits.

Reduces stress

and anxiety

Like all exercise, it helps release endorphins, hormones responsible for well-being and happiness.

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strangled, then you become entangled"

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