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Monthly Subscription


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45 €






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The monthly subscription surf lesson is surf lessons that happened on a weekly basis, either Saturday or Sunday, these classes are exclusive for residents in Algarve. The monthly subscription surf lesson is mainly for kids from 6 – 18yo, where they will be assigned to a class with kids of similar age and similar surf skills where they will be able to learn everything about surf, from the surf and safety guidelines with sand practice before going to the ocean but also in ocean support with a dedicated coach for the whole 1h30.

Que esperar:

  • Regular weekly classes, with the same group of participants with similar levels and ages
  • 2 hours from which 1h30 are surfing
  • Calentamiento en grupo para preparar el cuerpo para la acción
  • Briefing de Surf y Seguridad adaptado a tu experiencia de surf previa
  • Sand practice with useful exercises to improve your techniques
  • Acción de surf con goles, consejos y correcciones.



  • Equipo de surf
  • Local and certified surf coaches
  • Seguro
  • Transportation both ways from Praia da Rocha to the Western Algarve and all the locations in between.

Que traer:

  • Agua
  • Aperitivo ligero
  • Traje de baño o ropa interior extra (para usar debajo del traje de neopreno)
  • Bloqueador solar
  • buenas noches de descanso
  • Buen humor