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Lección privada

1 to 1 South Coast

Lección privada


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89 €



Private Surf Lesson South Coast has a duration of 2h in the water plus the additional time of about 30 minutes to equip, theoretical explanation, warm-up and practice in the sand.




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Acerca de:

Private Surf Lesson South Coast is a Surf lesson for anyone who wants to try the pleasure of surfing for the first time. These awesome classes can happen every day at Praia da Rocha, at different times of the day. You can expect to be in the water for 2 hours with the permanent help of a certified and experienced coach just for yourself, giving you the opportunity to learn in a more exclusive way the learning process will be faster as well.

Que esperar:

  • Warm-up to get the body ready for action
  • Briefing de Surf y Seguridad adaptado a tu experiencia de surf previa
  • Práctica de arena con ejercicios útiles para mejorar la técnica.
  • Acción de surf con goles, consejos y correcciones.



  • Equipo de surf
  • Entrenadores de surf locales y certificados
  • Seguro

Que traer:

  • Agua
  • Aperitivo ligero
  • Traje de baño o ropa interior extra (para usar debajo del traje de neopreno)
  • Bloqueador solar
  • buenas noches de descanso
  • Buen humor