Blue Xperiences

Surf Experiences

Our Surf lessons are organized by groups of different levels according to the abilities and age of the participants.
We have group lessons, private coach lessons, private lessons for up to 4 people and class packages.

How We Work:

  • Our methodology results from the conviction that the surfing experience can be interpreted by different individuals in different ways. Some people see surfing as a sport, others as leisure and still others as a philosophy or a way of life.
  • Surfing has, like all other sports activities, a side of technical evolution and performance, but it also has something else that transforms a person who surfs into a surfer, into someone who faces life with a different and very unique attitude, usually more relaxed, in peace with life and connected with nature around you.
  • In order to enjoy the magical feeling of flowing with the wave, our surf school has structured surf lessons in a way that allows students to fully experience the essence of surfing!




Methodology objectives:

The Blue Xperiences SUP & Surf School methodology has two main objectives:

1.  Satisfaction in the student’s evolution

2. Practitioner’s personal realization

  • Our methodology is structured by stages of evolution, and the lessons are organized according to the students’ previous surfing experience, age and surfing goals. The teaching method of our surf school is structured to honor the ancestral philosophy of surfing, which dates back several centuries, when surfing meant having fun and enjoying nature.
  • We believe that we distinguish ourselves from other surf schools because we do not give up on our students, their persistence and motivation to achieve their goals. In addition to the confidence of the experience acquired in teaching surfing through our training.
  • Our teaching philosophy is based on this simple fact: “Our success depends on the success of our students…” and this keeps us interested in making the most of our students’ surfing potential!


In order to guarantee homogeneous groups and a faster technical progression, our classes are organized by different levels of learning.

Level 1


  • Familiarization with the equipment
  • Safety in the surf and at sea
  • Basic surfing techniques: positioning, paddling and pop-up
  • Autonomy in surf lessons: proper handling of the board on the inside, choice of foam waves or small green waves
  • Elementary surfing movements: different weight distribution on the legs: accelerating, braking and turning

Level 2


  • Review of previous level knowledge
  • Techniques to reach the outside
  • Basic rescue techniques
  • Positioning in the line-up
  • Surfing etiquette and priority rules when choosing waves
  • Initiation to basic moves in the green wave: bottom turn and trimming

Level 3


  • Review and consolidation of previous level knowledge
  • Initiation to intermediate/advanced maneuvers: floater, cut-back top to bottom and off the lip
  • Introduction to functional training and modalities complementary to surfing: Surf skateboarding, swimming and Stand Up Paddle
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