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First Surf Experience

South Coast

First Surf Experience


Rates from:

40 €



Surf Armação de Pêra Beach has a duration of 1h30 in the water plus the additional time of about 30 minutes to equip, theoretical explanation, warm-up and practice in the sand.




All Levels


Surf Armação de Pêra Beach is a Surf lesson for anyone who wants to try the pleasure of surfing for the first time or for whom tried a surf class before and would love to have a longer class. These awesome classes happen every day at Armação de Pêra Beach close to our school, at different times of the day. You can expect to be in the water for 1h30 with the permanent help of a certified and experienced coach.


What To Expect:

  • Group warm-up to get the body ready for action
  • Surf and Safety briefing adapted to your previous surf experience
  • Sand practice with useful exercises to improve the technique
  • Surf action with goals, tips, and corrections



  • Surf gear
  • Local and certified surf coaches
  • Insurance

What To Bring:

  • Water
  • Light snack
  • Swimsuit or extra underwear (to use under the wetsuit)
  • Sunblock
  • Good night’s rest
  • Good mood
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